Creativity is a Skill of the Future and the Future is Now (Your Child Needs to be Prepared!!!) #scribebee

“Our new world requites creativity, problem solving and critical thinking.”

 –Tech Connection CEO Melissa James

We are living in the age of information and communication. Today knowledge is easy to find , connections are easily made ( and also easily severed) and at the click of our fingers and the blink of our eyes, a new world opens to us –  a dazzling , beckoning world of instant connections and instant communication, a mesmerizing treasure trove of fun, facts, information , knowledge, opportunities and adventure.

However, this, like several other gifts of science, is a boon that also has a downside to it. In this world of  overwhelming technology , creativity is fast becoming a rare and precious skill – a skill that the machines clearly lack and humans are clearly  born with  ( all it needs is to be sharpened,  a bit of fine tuning  if you like, a pull here, some polish there and human creativity can rise to wondrous heights).

Today the biggest , brightest minds are talking about how creativity is soon going to  be the most coveted skill in the coming years. What machines cannot do, human creativity can. Sounds almost like a fantabulous Hollywood movie plot but its true nonetheless. And history stands a testimony to it. Over  thousands of years of known human existence, civilizations flourished and disintegrated continuously, power arbitrarily changed hands, mighty kingdoms were built and then razed to the ground as well and technology of the past turned obsolete in no time . But what has remained a constant through epochs and eras of human history is human creativity.

Through centuries of human existence , what we remember today, what we marvel at, what we avidly devour in libraries and museums are remnants of our creative past .Creativity as a skill has survived the test of time. In fact one can go as far as to say that human imagination and creativity is itself the progenitor of several discoveries inventions and technology itself.

If creativity is such a valuable and enduring commodity, then a platform promoting creativity is definitely worth every child’s time! And this is where ScribeBee steps in.

ScribeBee provides  your children with a tool to exercise their imaginative muscles and build on their nascent creativity. This innovation platform brings together technology and creativity to promote the infallible, timeless art of self expression that culminates in self publishing for the young  participants. Also ScribeBee is not just an online  platform for children and young adults. It is also a repertoire of resources for teachers, parents as well as institutions.

So join hands with ScribBee and together let us make your children future ready . Its definitely the need of the hour !

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Wings of Creativity pt2. #Scribebee

As, in our previous blog we shared what is creativity and how we perceive it as a society. ScribeBee now comes into the scene because it provides you and your children with a new edge to your creativity. ScribeBee is not just a platform for children/young kids, It provides as a platform for teenagers, youth, parents as well as institution.




  • We at ScribeBee encourage the development of soft skills through the practices of reading and writing. We believe that if a child is taught the right skills at young age, they tend to adapt it better and implement it better in their lives, this not only helps them develop the skills, but also helps develop their personalities and them as individuals as a whole.
  • We impart skills through online and offline workshops by a team of experienced individuals, who lead the workshop by various modules created by a team of individuals who are experts in the field. Through the online portal, we hope to encourage creative writing through the means of story writing, writing poems, reading, sharing the work, discovering and learning from the work of others’.
  • Here at ScribeBee, we aim at making learning fun, our platform not only aims at developing softskills but also develops critical thinking skills, vocabulary development, life skills of children. We also aim at working on the awareness about preventive health.
  • We aim at promoting the creative skills of children (young or grown ups), we appreciate the efforts they put into their imagination and ScribeBee just gives them a means/platform to put forward their imagination. And how they plan to take us to their beautiful world of imagination, is what ScribeBee teaches them. How to portrait their imagination using words and images, which ultimately teaches the child how to communicate better, develop self confidence, their personality, etc.
  • We encourage all kinds of genre from humour to sci-fi, to thriller, to horror.
    We encourage  children to read the stories or poems by other kids so as to encourage them to write about their own stories/poems And also to learn from them. We range from nursery rhymes to classics by Shakespeare in poems.

Specially during the summer vacations, children tend to get bored from the daily activities, some don’t prefer to step out in the sun to play around with their friends. Most of the times they are always glued to the laptops or IPads binge watching one or the other TV shows/cartoons,ScribeBee provides them a platform to enhance their creativity sitting at home. If you want your children to be engaged in their laptop/tablet screens, why not let be it be into something productive?And what better way than ScribeBee to put your children’s knowledge and time into more productive way.

So, come join ScribeBee, and make your children/peers also join, to share your story,  to unleash the creativity in you.

Wings of creativity! #scribebee

“All children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.”                                                       -Picasso

It is a practice, one of the few to be universally observed , to freely divide our  children into creative and non creative. Whether as a parent or as a  teacher, we tend to bracket our children  into these  two very neat and very convenient  categories and in doing so we mercilessly smother our children’s creativity. As a result, majority of our kids do not grow into creativity, rather they grow out of it because they are made to believe that they lack the inherent talent and must look elsewhere. Imaginative – dull,  shy – outgoing, creative – non creative —- most of the times these labels stick for life and can stifle a child’s creativity as well as his/ her  sense of identity.

As parents and educators, we must understand that creativity is not the domain of a privileged few. Art and self expression are no longer the prerogative of a handful of  inspired beings. We no longer inhabit a world where artists, writers, poets were seen as supremely talented and  divinely inspired – invoking muses, drawing inspiration from them and being a  conduit for divine musings. We inhabit a world penetrated by cosmopolitan ideas where creativity is seen as one of the many skills that can be acquired and then honed. Inherent talent does play a role but learning the craft and then mastering it is equally, if not more, important.

And it is this we must focus on ! We must help our children realize that they are naturally creative , that they are blessed with a thinking mind teeming with ideas, that when they let their creativity soar high , magic can and will happen!

And this is where ScribeBee comes in. To know more log on to and introduce your children to the fascinating and nurturing  world of ideas, imagination, expression and creativity.

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Scribebee – Unleash Your Creative Side