Wings of creativity! #scribebee

“All children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.”                                                       -Picasso

It is a practice, one of the few to be universally observed , to freely divide our  children into creative and non creative. Whether as a parent or as a  teacher, we tend to bracket our children  into these  two very neat and very convenient  categories and in doing so we mercilessly smother our children’s creativity. As a result, majority of our kids do not grow into creativity, rather they grow out of it because they are made to believe that they lack the inherent talent and must look elsewhere. Imaginative – dull,  shy – outgoing, creative – non creative —- most of the times these labels stick for life and can stifle a child’s creativity as well as his/ her  sense of identity.

As parents and educators, we must understand that creativity is not the domain of a privileged few. Art and self expression are no longer the prerogative of a handful of  inspired beings. We no longer inhabit a world where artists, writers, poets were seen as supremely talented and  divinely inspired – invoking muses, drawing inspiration from them and being a  conduit for divine musings. We inhabit a world penetrated by cosmopolitan ideas where creativity is seen as one of the many skills that can be acquired and then honed. Inherent talent does play a role but learning the craft and then mastering it is equally, if not more, important.

And it is this we must focus on ! We must help our children realize that they are naturally creative , that they are blessed with a thinking mind teeming with ideas, that when they let their creativity soar high , magic can and will happen!

And this is where ScribeBee comes in. To know more log on to and introduce your children to the fascinating and nurturing  world of ideas, imagination, expression and creativity.

blackboard business chalkboard concept

Scribebee – Unleash Your Creative Side



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