Creativity is a Skill of the Future and the Future is Now (Your Child Needs to be Prepared!!!) #scribebee

“Our new world requites creativity, problem solving and critical thinking.”

 –Tech Connection CEO Melissa James

We are living in the age of information and communication. Today knowledge is easy to find , connections are easily made ( and also easily severed) and at the click of our fingers and the blink of our eyes, a new world opens to us –  a dazzling , beckoning world of instant connections and instant communication, a mesmerizing treasure trove of fun, facts, information , knowledge, opportunities and adventure.

However, this, like several other gifts of science, is a boon that also has a downside to it. In this world of  overwhelming technology , creativity is fast becoming a rare and precious skill – a skill that the machines clearly lack and humans are clearly  born with  ( all it needs is to be sharpened,  a bit of fine tuning  if you like, a pull here, some polish there and human creativity can rise to wondrous heights).

Today the biggest , brightest minds are talking about how creativity is soon going to  be the most coveted skill in the coming years. What machines cannot do, human creativity can. Sounds almost like a fantabulous Hollywood movie plot but its true nonetheless. And history stands a testimony to it. Over  thousands of years of known human existence, civilizations flourished and disintegrated continuously, power arbitrarily changed hands, mighty kingdoms were built and then razed to the ground as well and technology of the past turned obsolete in no time . But what has remained a constant through epochs and eras of human history is human creativity.

Through centuries of human existence , what we remember today, what we marvel at, what we avidly devour in libraries and museums are remnants of our creative past .Creativity as a skill has survived the test of time. In fact one can go as far as to say that human imagination and creativity is itself the progenitor of several discoveries inventions and technology itself.

If creativity is such a valuable and enduring commodity, then a platform promoting creativity is definitely worth every child’s time! And this is where ScribeBee steps in.

ScribeBee provides  your children with a tool to exercise their imaginative muscles and build on their nascent creativity. This innovation platform brings together technology and creativity to promote the infallible, timeless art of self expression that culminates in self publishing for the young  participants. Also ScribeBee is not just an online  platform for children and young adults. It is also a repertoire of resources for teachers, parents as well as institutions.

So join hands with ScribBee and together let us make your children future ready . Its definitely the need of the hour !

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